An intake of breath.


Sometimes it is all about a single intake of breath.

A space to fill your lungs with quiet and calm.

It is the necessary peace and solitude after days and days of people, places and conversations confusing you, and the slight wear and tear of a cold on your body and patience.

It is the sad reminder that you are the sum of your experiences.

And the affirmation that you are rooted in your choices, the hardest ones you have made, and the pride that you can stand by your conviction, and believe in yourself enough to survive on that belief, and only that in times of need.

It is a reminder that you should trust your instincts, trust yourself.

A day alone.

The wheeze of unhappy lungs causing a cancelation of plans for yoga and meditaion beside the sea, and dinner with friends of a different mother tongue and the late night train home with sleep weary eyes and an achy body.

It is the silence of nothing but yourself, and the slight noise of life outside of you, neighbours opening and closing doors, the people and children in the street calling to each other in words you don´t understand but take comfort in the banality of it all.

To get reacquainted with the what is inside my head.

A gentle touch of self care that I have been yearning for, unknowing that the need was for something I could not force.

Almost like a snow day from life.


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